Wall Fountains And That Special Ambiance

By Elinor Tran

There is nothing more impressive than walking into an office reception and seeing a wall Fountain operating. They grab your attention, but also relax you due to the familiar noise of flowing water. Strategic use of wall fountains can aid a company's prosperity if it is positioned and utilized correctly.

It is well worth spending the money to install one of these water features into your reception area, as it will impress your visitors. Though there is no reason to just have one, some companies place them by their elevators and the main entrance. Locating one directly behind the receptionist is certain to be seen by everybody entering the building. Some companies even install them in the restaurant to relax their employees during their break.

Having these features at numerous locations, visitors will never forget their trips to your office. They will remember the supreme Fountain of water, especially if they are visiting the offices for a high-pressure meeting. All their worries will be soothed away as they sit in the reception area waiting to be called.

There are a lot of things that you can do that are simple and effective to enhance the impression they Fountain would give. You could emblazon your company logo and name on the wall behind the flowing water. This would ensure that your visitors remembered the name and recognize the logo on future occasions.

The most important factor is to make sure you have the right feature in your space. It should not be overpowering, and it should blend with the decor and not appear out of place. It is also important how you add, for example, your company logo, it must be prominent but subtle.

It is important that wall fountains are located near power sockets. These socket should be placed immediately behind where the Fountain is mounted. Also make sure that there are enough sockets to accommodate the lighting you will require to highlight the feature.

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