Cooking Recipes That Could Be Adapted To Your Preference

By Jerry Mcgahan

All the professionals tell you that grilling is a much healthier way to prepare your food than frying. Food should be moist with a good natural flavor. Any excess fat drains away during the cooking process. The hundreds of recipes for grilling food are easily adapted to suit individuals tastes. Food can be grilled on a cooker in the house or on a barbecue or open fire outside.

Almost every type of food you can think off lends itself to being grilled. Steaks are one of the most popular, and it is often said, that nothing tastes quite like a well grilled steak. Adding spices and herbs to the food before or during cooking can help to improve the taste experience.

Garlic butter melted into the steak during grilling means you will taste the garlic with every mouth full. Adding some strong tasting cheese to the top of your steak and allowing it to melt, adds a whole new depth to the taste. Alternatively, if you do not want garlic or cheese to be too strong tasting, add them after cooking for a milder taste experience.

If you have a preference for herbs and spices you can easily prepare your own marinade. All you need is a fluid base, such as oil, beer, vinegars or wine and add in your spices and herbs to taste. The more time you leave food to marinate the better the flavor when the food is cooked.

You can also create your own food cooking packets with some tin foil. You add some liquid and any herbs or spices to the inside of the foil package with the meat. Ensure it is fully sealed and be prepared to turn the packet throughout the cooking period. The foods natural juices are retained in the packet and you are constantly basting the food when you turn the packet to prevent burning.

Whether you are cooking indoors on a cooker grill, or outdoors on a barbecue you can create the perfect meal. There are many traditional and new recipes for cooking meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits you can choose from. You should have no difficulty in taking a standard recipe and adapting it to your own particular taste.

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