Ideas For Successfully Growing Vegetables In Pots

By Alan Stables

Growing vegetables in pots does not absolutely require expensive pots or containers with fancy designs and features. If you do have the budget, you can buy some of them, but it is not the vital element that will make your gardening in pot experience positive or not.

The frugal container gardener may use plastic cat litter containers or a variety of other reusable plastic containers that normally go to the landfill or recycle center. Even wooden boxes can be purchased or constructed to be excellent containers that can last for many years if treated properly or are made of weather resistant wood such as cedar.

If the plants will get lot of natural sunlight, you will choose adequate color and material. Usually, any plant that gets 5 -7 hours a day of sunlight should grow healthy and produce good vegetables. Yet, this cannot be taken as an absolute rule. In the hottest period of the day, many plants will need some shades from a patio umbrella for instance.

Containers to use for hot direct sun should be white or bright colored plastic to reflect the sun. Containers to use for filtered sunlight might be ceramic, dark colored plastics, or even metal containers that will help store the limited heat from filtered sun.

Good potting soil from a landscaper, greenhouse, or garden center will boost the plants with good drainage and hopefully no tag a long weed seeds or hibernating pests. Some soil mixtures will have miracle grow or other fertilizers mixed into the soil.

You can also add soluble miracle grow or even add compost tea when you water the plants. This will boost vegetable production and preserve the plant's overall health.

You need to ensure that the soil does not stay wet or soggy permanently. Some plants will end up with root rot if water does not drain properly. Once you have settle issues like sunlight, shade, soil, heat, cool, and watering, monitor carefully the amount of natural rainfall that your plants receive to avoid overwatering.

Keep in mind that overwatering could also kill your plant, especially if draining is inadequate. Ensure that you water the soil, instead of the leaves, and avoid watering your plants during the hottest part of the day.

Keep in mind to choose the right vegetables if you want to succeed. Not all plants adapt well to pots. You will realize that if you start growing vegetables in pots, you will be able to start growing then inside with sprouts or seeds.

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