Successful Organic Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

By Elinor Tran

If you are interested in organic vegetable gardening for beginners, start simple. You will not have to buy a lot of expensive equipment. In order to have pure vegetables you may want to follow a few simple suggestions.

If you have no experience with gardens it may be best to start with containers. Your local department store or home improvement center has all kinds of pots to grow things in. If you wish, you can buy some treated lumber and make raised beds. This gives the newbie gardener a lot of control over conditions.

Some gardeners like to grow their plants from seed. However, if you want to get started right away consider buying plants from a nursery or home and garden store. This will save you a great deal of time. Some plants are best started from seeds like onions, carrots, and cucumbers. These seeds are inexpensive and easy to find.

Try to use the richest soil you can find and composted soil is best. You can make good compost but it takes several months. Opt for organic potting soil to mix with your natural soil.

When setting out plants, be sure the ground is warm and use a lot of water. They should be shaded for at least a day or two. When you want to repel insects try planting basil or marigolds all around the edge of your garden space. This is a natural form of pest control.

When you are setting out peppers or tomatoes, set a toothpick by the stalk of each plant. This discourages pests like cutworms. Keep your garden well mulched with grass trimmings or straw. This will prevent weeds from growing and will keep the ground moist. If you are serious about organic vegetable gardening for beginners start out slowly and gradually increase your garden.

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