Repel Bugs From Your Garden Naturally

By Adrian Gough

Did you know that you can grow plants in your garden which will repel pests and have other beneficial qualities? If you are an ardent gardener, consider the following pest repellent plants to make your job of caring for your plants easier.

Mosquitos can be very irritating when you are making an attempt to enjoy your garden at dusk. Nonetheless there are several natural ways to keep them at bay so you can use your garden at night. You can plant certain types of plants that naturally repel these pests.

Not only will these plants help repel mosquitoes that are a trouble to humans, but they'll also defend your other plants from different sorts of pests, keeping them from destroying your flowers and crops. If you plant them all though your garden, they are going to help ensure the healthiness of your favorite plants. Your plants will thrive without being attacked by pests, and you will be able to enjoy your pretty garden.

Garlic has extraordinary pest repellent qualities. It will also help to repel many different kinds of insects and other pests that may destroy your fave rose bushes. Plus, it will keep mosquitoes and other irritating bugs away. Plant lots of garlic around your yard and garden to like it as a natural pest repellent. Nonetheless do not plant it too close to your veg, because they are able to absorb the flavor of the garlic. An alternative to planting garlic is garlic chives. This plant can also work to repel pests in your garden.

The powerful scent of onions has pest repellent qualities too. If you don't like the scent of garlic in your garden, try onion as an alternative. You can alter the sorts of onions you plant to add a little variety to your garden. Like garlic, onions will keep the bugs away.

As well as the oil-producing neem plant, mint is naturally a pest repellent, and its straightforward to grow, too. It'll spread out by itself, so you just need to plant 1 or 2 mint plants. But it could be a small invasive, so plant it where it can have plenty of room to spread, or cut it back to keep it contained. Just like using herb oil, mint has an excellent smell, and it will naturally keep bugs away from your plants.

Lemon balm is another scented plant that may be a superb addition to your garden. It is very useful against mosquitoes. You can even rub the leaves on your skin to keep mosquitoes from biting you. A fast grower, lemon balm desires room to spread and frequent trims to keep it in control.

Many other herbs and plants are also effective pest repellents. In fact , most having a strong smell will work against pests. For a natural pest repellent that also offers a fantastic scent in your garden, try lemon-scented herbs and plants. These are much more pleasing to humans than garlic, onion, or other sharp varieties.

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