Outdoor Garden Fountain Varieties

By Alan Carter

If we opt to have outdoor garden fountains in the garden of our homes, we get mixed up by so much variety available in the market. It has become extremely hard for us to choose the type of fountain that will suit our needs. We can classify water fountains into particular varieties. Determining those will make it simpler for us to choose from.

First important style of water fountains is pond style water fountain. This particular water fountain, water falls into a water pond. This style of water fountain is extremely popular because it creates extremely famous sound of running water which is very relaxing. Most people think about setting up a water fountain because of the water sound only. Also pond type water fountains are extremely beautiful to see especially if we install lighting in them. Also streaming water produces a great looking reflection of lights which improves its charm. However pond type water fountains require more room rather than other types of fountains and thus do not look great in small spaces. Nevertheless if you've got a huge garden, a pond type water fountain could beautify it not like something else. Also pond type fountains are really challenging to set up because their lower pond is often very weighty and take much time and effort to transport and install.

A good alternative for pond type outdoor garden fountains are tiered fountains. Tiered water fountains have many layers in which water runs from one layer to other. These types of water fountains are easier to transport and setup because each layer can be transported individually and installed at your place. Also because these kinds of water fountains imitate pond fountains. Sound generated by them is very similar to pond fountains. Sunlight might be not reflected that beautifully in tiered water fountains but submerged lights may still be installed which appear extremely lovely. These fountains need less space and could be set up in porches and balconies.

Another kind of water fountains is sculptures types fountains. These kinds of fountains come in largest assortment. We could easily locate fountains with statues inspired from all cultures-Greek, Persian, Roman, Asian and many others. These types of water fountains can be found in wide range of shades which we can select in accordance with our decor. We could likewise pick the sculpture depending on the motif of our decoration. Sculpture water fountains need least space out of all forms of fountains and could even be installed in the house. However water flowing sound made by these types of fountains is the least of all and may be used if the major purpose of installing a water fountain is sound of water.

These are the three main types available for outdoor garden fountains. For every style hundreds and thousands of designs are offered. Final choice about which fountains to purchase must be made based on room available, area of the space, already existing decor of the space, colors you need and also your basic purpose of setting up a water fountain. A well chosen water fountain can take center stage in the beautification of any home.

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